Why should your company consider hiring a Youngstown SEO company? It’s the same reason you’re in business: to make more money!

When your site ranks higher on Google and other search engines through effective search engine optimization, interested traffic floods your website, and that produces more direct sales.

Then your company starts prospering. You can hire more sales reps or a bigger team. And now you have a growing machine. All thanks to the initial SEO push.

As you can imagine now, it’s amazing to be at the top of a Google search for what your company sells.

And not only is it profitable, it’s efficient.

When qualified leads are coming to your company, they’re more likely to enter your sales funnel and buy faster and at higher dollar amounts. This is compared to cold calls that take years to develop into anything somewhat worthwhile.

Those are a few quick reasons why your business is missing out if you haven’t hired a SEO company to get your website more traffic and online business.

At VGCC we are extremely passionate about SEO, we’ve done this before for multiple websites, and for the 5 reasons below, you should seriously consider opening the checkbook to hire a Youngstown SEO company to grow the traffic of your business website.

Reasons To Hire A SEO Company

1. You’ll save your company time

Imagine you’re a business owner who has your staff spend hundreds of hours blogging with the goal of sending more traffic to your site, except it doesn’t work.

All of that energy spent writing becomes wasted dollars, that the owner has to pay for, and missed opportunities to complete other tasks at hand.

For a small business, this can be a crushing defeat.

And the failed blogging scenario is actually likely in today’s hyper-competitive content space.

The truth is it takes strategic keyword research to know the exact terms your ideal customer will search for, a thorough website analysis to fix the errors in your site, and tactical execution to jump to page one on Google searches.

The average business owner isn’t going to know where to begin with any of these SEO-critical tasks, just as a SEO genius won’t know how to cook bruschetta chicken pasta like an experienced chef.

Or maybe the small business is doing everything right and targeting the correct keywords, but Google isn’t indexing their website pages. If your site has a critical error in its coding because you didn’t know how to set up a blog for SEO traffic, all your content may be for nothing.

Again, this can cripple a business since they invested a bunch of time into a failed project with no return.

A qualified SEO company will be able to sniff that out from the start, saving you months or years of frustrating results.

So if you value your company’s time and your own as the business owner, then it makes all the sense in the world to pay for SEO.

Time is always money.

2. You won’t waste money

You’ve probably heard the phrase:

 If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.

This is not one of those sayings said out of thin air with no backing behind it. It’s 100% true in any industry, but especially SEO.

There’s nothing more frustrating than wasting money. It gets worse when you’re not a Fortune 500 company who can afford to throw around money in every which way.

So ranking your website high on searches is not a task you can delegate to an intern or your niece. They’ll mess around and accomplish nothing.

Then you’re back to where you started at the best, and penalized by Google at worst.

You’re also losing money every day to your competitors who do show up on Google’s first page when your website isn’t optimized for search engines.

For example, a Youngstown florist company who doesn’t appear on the first page of Google when people search for “Youngstown flowers” is losing thousands of dollars per year to their competitors.


Youngstown Flowers Search Results

And think about this. Anyone who invests a few grand into a beautiful website that has all the bells and whistles imaginable, but gets zero traffic, basically wasted their money. Right?

On our team are Northeast Ohio web designers, so we know a well-designed website is only important after you get enough people to visit the site to see it. What’s the value if no one visits your pages?

Hiring a Mahoning Valley SEO company like us to expert to send thousands of views to your pages ensures the money you invested into a web design project is worth it after all.

Don’t waste your money. Get thousands of views from organic traffic to grow your business. The ROI of SEO is very real, and very profitable.

3. You’ll quickly rank higher in Google searches and receive more traffic

All business is moving toward the Internet if it hasn’t already yet.

So when your customers have a pain point or an immediate need, they’re going straight to Google search to type in what they’re looking for online.

I’m not making this up.

Check out the Google search results in Youngstown, OH alone for these popular keywords:

  • Youngstown flowers = 100 to 1,000 searches per month
  • car dealerships Youngstown = 100 to 1,000 searches per month
  • Youngstown pizza = 100 to 1,000 searches per month
  • restaurants Youngstown = 1,000 to 10,000 searches per month
  • layers in Youngstown = 1,000 to 10,000 searches per month

We could provide hundreds of different examples for any business, in any industry, with any target audience.

No matter if your customers are young or old, rich or poor, educated or ignorant, they’re finding their way to a computer or phone and Google searching their need. Even poor people who can’t afford a computer or smartphone can visit a local library for free Internet usage.

The point is the businesses on the first page of Google get all the website traffic. And that traffic turns into phone call orders, online purchases, and form submissions.

When you work with an SEO company—who knows what they’re doing—your business website will start to climb the rankings of Google searches and do it quickly.

Then, say you’re a florist. A husband looking for flowers to give his wife on their anniversary types in “youngstown florist” and finds your business. He gives you a call and you made $100 thanks to a high Google search ranking.

As your search rank improves, you go from getting 7 organic views a month to 107, and then 507 views every month. That’s when business starts booming.

Getting more traffic and positive business results is precisely why you should invest in search engine optimization.

4. You’ll set your sales team up with a stream of quality leads

Ask any sales person about this and you’ll find there’s a huge gap in success rate when a lead is inbound—introducing themselves to the company—compared to outbound—where your team is trying everything in their power to get someone’s attention.

The difficulty level is night and day.

Leverage is everything in sales, so inbound leads from search engine optimization will make your sales team’s job incredibly easy.

Why? Well when an inbound lead from a Google search submits a contact form asking for a quote, they have all but done the sales team’s job for them.

This customer has made it clear they have a need. They’ve said they want to hear pricing. And they’re all teed up to almost close themselves. A below-average sales rep can close a deal like this one.

Inbound traffic is powerful when you remember that more traffic to your website means more awareness, consideration, purchase, retention, and advocacy.

There’s more awareness when consumers go from Google to your website. Consideration as viewers read your case studies and testimonials. Purchases happen through ecommerce stores and in-store sales. Total retention soars as customers learn more about your brand. And advocacy goes up during social shares and newsletter sign ups.

Your sales team’s jobs will be 1,000% easier when they’re jumping on calls with people who’ve found them through Google and asked to learn more, compared to cold calls.

5. You’ll grow your company revenue

We’d honestly tell you to not have a website and forget about search engine optimization if it didn’t work. But it’s incredible effective in reaching quality prospects and set your business up to close more sales.

But we know from first hand experience that search marketing does work. That’s why we’ll always be an advocate for it!

Yes SEO takes an investment of time or money, or both. But what doesn’t to grow your business?

There’s not a single marketing channel that you can set up, never touch it again, and rake in big money to grow your company. This channel doesn’t exist or I’d be all over it.

The best reason to focus your business on SEO is not benefits one through four, but this next one. Effective SEO will grow your company’s revenue to record highs.

The fact that a better SEO strategy saves your company time, saves you money, sends quality traffic to your site, and makes it easier for your sales team to close deals, all means more money is going to your company’s bottom line.

So whether you’re in business for the money or a cause you believe in, at the end of the day more money means you can fundamentally stay in business as well as grow to serve more customers.

That’s real value.

 VGCC Has A Proven SEO Track Record

SEO is not something we act like we know about at Very Good Creative Company.

It’s not a “fake it until we make it” experiment on your company’s site where you get barely noticeable results. (Unfortunately a bunch of other Youngstown SEO companies can’t say the same.)

We have a proven track record of results for ourselves and customers.

In other words, doing search engine optimization and creating a keyword-focused content plan for your business website is a lay-up for us.

We’ve done it before. We’re getting results in the present for our customers and ourselves as we speak. And we’ll execute for you—regardless of your industry.

Not only will you be satisfied, but you’ll receive the benefits already outlined above:

1. You’ll save your company and employees time
2. You won’t waste money with amateur work
3. You’ll start ranking higher in Google searches and receiving more traffic quickly
4. Your sales team will have too many leads to process—an awesome problem to have
5. Your revenue will grow to all-time highs thanks to your website

We work with you step by step the entire way to ensure you’re satisfied. Basically what we’re saying is, you can’t go wrong by hiring VGCC to do your business website’s SEO.

So why attempt a Hail Mary pass doing SEO yourself when you can partner with VGCC and win?

Put us to work and we’ll show you results.